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Metergram is your partner in web development, UX design and digital transformation.

Enhance your development capabilities

Production Capacity

When our partners in the agency world lack the time or in-house resources, they turn to us to ensure a timely delivery.

With broad competence and competitive pricing, we can deliver a quality product and still leave profit margin for our partner.


We provide SMEs, Enterprise and funded Startups with dedicated experts in front-end, back-end, devops och UX design.

Whether you want us to manage the development process entirely, or augment your in-house team, Metergram can help bring your product to life.

Spinball or
Rapid Response

Have you got a project that fell between the cracks or an unusual request that needs to be fulfilled to maintain a good customer relationship?

We maintain a rapid response team that can take on and solve these types of challenges and make you look great in the process.

Our Core Values

Four guiding principles that shape the way our organization operates.

Shared Success

As a subcontractor our model is based on long-term relationships. We work with a select group of partners and prioritize shared success.


Quality and competitive pricing can go hand in hand. Our work should always live up to the standard for quality set by our partners.


The right solution at the right time. Our work is structured with clear milestones and deliverable so our partners know to count on us delivering in time.


We often get involved when a project is in its most challenging phase. With entrepreneurship and a passion for technology, we find innovative solutions to our clients problems.

Innovation throughout the stack

We are a full-service organization with broad experience in front-end and back-end development. We master most popular frameworks and cloud solutions and have a passion for open source solutions.

Management Team


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Erik Pegreus


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