Operational Support Services for Charging Network Operators

Empower your charging network operations with our comprehensive suite of support services. With deep industry expertise, we provide tailored solutions to enhance network management, improve reliability, and ensure exceptional customer satisfaction.
Operational Support Services for Charging Network Operators

End-to-End Testing

Our comprehensive QA solutions, including virtual charger simulation, protocol testing, integration testing, and automated front-end testing, ensure your charging network is reliable, compliant, and ready for real-world scenarios, every day.

Level 2 Support

Identify and resolve issues like abnormal charger behavior, payment discrepancies, and roaming problems through comprehensive troubleshooting, on-demand QA testing, and log analysis. Protocol experts are ready to scrutinize every charging session.

Charger Onboarding

Onboard new charger makes and models through comprehensive interoperability testing. We develop and execute robust test cases, resolve issues with manufacturers and CSMS vendors, and conduct regression testing, field commissioning validation, and network inventory documentation. Any issues are handled by our seasoned OCPP engineers, members of the OCA.

Reliability Engineering

We help define KPIs and monitor network performance, iterating for continuous improvement. By optimizing availability, systems uptime, and CSMS response times, we maintain accountability and provide alerts for e.g. traffic anomalies. Develop and maintain scaling strategies for peak periods to ensure customer satisfaction, network utilization, and revenue growth.

How we can help

Draw from our extensive institutional knowledge in building and maintaining OCPP and OCPI-based CSMS and CPO platforms, managing well over 100,000 EVSEs. Our extensive industry experience across multiple regions and markets enables us to offer expert Level 2 and Level 3 support, backed by a wealth of experience in resolving thousands of cases.

  • Stress and Load Testing: Operating a charging network is challenging under the most normal circumstances. Add a travel holiday or marketing campaign and it could put your systems and architecture to the test. Proactive performance testing, using real-world scenario modeling, done by experts with domain knowledge, can be the difference that sets you apart from the competitors. 
  • End-to-End Testing: Continuous testing and QA work can find issues before they become incidents. An E2E approach gives a holistic view and transparency into the black box of systems involved. An example of this is an automated frontend framework, testing actions on a mobile app interface on one end, spanning the app’s backend, transacting with a CRM system for customer data, whilst triggering actions on a CSMS, that at the other end, that finally interacts with a charger over a VPN. We’ll find the culprits, bottlenecks, and ways to enhance that customer experience.
  • Roaming Integrations: Even the best of OCPI implementations have their quirks. Not only new roaming connection setups can be time-consuming. Add a handful of roaming partners and month-end CDR and invoice reconciliation could easily become a hassle. Systems out of sync, connections that need to be moved, or EVSE’s with new IDs - we have seen it all. 
  • EVSE Model or Firmware Updates: New charger models need thorough testing against the CSMS. Test cases, discussions with manufacturers, and tweaks to configuration are all things necessary. Even an already on-boarded charger model might need regression testing upon new firmware releases or changes in the CSMS. We’ve rolled out thousands of updates over the years, on both sides of the OCPP ecosystem and planning is key.
  • Migrating Chargers: Perhaps a change of CSMS or taking over a population of chargers from another vendor. Batch EVSE migration sounds easy in theory but needs to be proactively planned, flawlessly executed, and carefully monitored. All to ensure up-time, a great customer experience and prevent loss of data or even revenue.
  • Liaison & Representation: We can act as a liaison between system or infrastructure vendors and your business operations, speaking the language of both. Examples of this are the areas of setting up and managing Internet/Telco-related infrastructure (e.g. DNS, certificates, gateways, hosting, sysops) together with cloud providers or other IT services companies. Other areas are for example communication with EVSE manufacturers around interoperability problems, or external parties on either side of your vital SaaS integrations.
  • Incident Response and Investigation: Having monitoring and alarms on the infrastructure is necessary, but incidents will occur at the most inconvenient of times. Trust us to help with Level 2 support, diagnose and troubleshoot the technical reasons behind an issue and suggest improvements not only isolated to the case at hand but to enhance reliability overall. Coming from the EV software world, we have protocol experts, QA and software engineers that can drill down to levels that often no one else can.

Why Choose Metergram?

At Metergram, we're dedicated to helping you succeed in the rapidly evolving world of EV charging network infrastructure. Here's why our clients trust us to deliver transformative IT services:

  • Deep Industry Expertise: Our team of experts has extensive knowledge and experience in charging network infrastructure, ensuring you get tailored solutions that meet your unique needs.
  • Proven Track Record: With a history of delivering successful software projects for leading clients worldwide, we've earned a reputation for quality, reliability, and client satisfaction.
  • Comprehensive Services: From CSMS development to seamless system integration, our holistic approach complements and elevates your team's skills and work value.
  • Flexible Collaboration: We offer flexible engagement models to fit your needs, whether you require a fully managed project or a hybrid team that integrates with your in-house staff.
  • Reliable Partnership: As an owner-led company deeply rooted in the industry, we're committed to fostering long-term partnerships with our clients, providing innovative and reliable IT services that drive growth.

By choosing Metergram, you'll gain a trusted partner that understands your unique challenges and opportunities. Let's work together to accelerate your growth and shape the future of EV charging network infrastructure.

Lastest case studies

Streamlining Hub Integration for a CPO Platform through Advanced OCPI Capabilities

A prominent Charge Point Operator (CPO) platform offering a comprehensive Charging Station Management System (CSMS) faced the challenge of expanding its service reach and streamlining connectivity with multiple e-Mobility Service Providers (eMSPs). The goal was to harness existing roaming capabilities to expose its network to a wider user base efficiently. Despite having direct connections to eMSPs via OCPI, the client sought to enhance its roaming capabilities through a strategic integration with a leading EV roaming hub.

Seamless Integration of Driivz with ERP for Enhanced Charge Point Management

A prominent Charge Point Operator (CPO), approached Metergram with a complex challenge. They wanted to integrate their Charging Station Management System (CSMS), Driivz, with their existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. This integration was crucial for streamlining billing, accounting, and invoicing processes, and enabling enhancements in operational efficiency, customer service, and strategic decision-making.

Smart Lighting in Sweden

Proptech solutions that connect IoT devices to applications, dashboards and online portals, are currently in high demand. This allows users to access devices in their properties remotely, manipulate the settings or switch them on or off. Metergram’s software engineers are well-versed in device-level application programming, which is evident through the success of one of our latest projects for one of our clients. The client is BRIKKS, a property management platform employed mainly in the Swedish real estate market. The platform enables tenants and owners to efficiently manage their properties remotely.
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