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We invest heavily in our people and believe in creating a rewarding work environment where personal development is a priority. We take great pride in our workforce: driven professionals who inspire and support each other, and excel at what they do.
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I love the approach that people have, their dedication and the culture of equality. Metergram offers an amazing work atmosphere and tons of opportunities!
Marija Savevska
Social Media Manager
Marija Savevska
Metergram has a great team that is always willing to help. We work with the most modern technologies, and we push each other to grow and learn new things.
Aleksandra Glusac
Talent Acquisition Specialist
Aleksandra Glusac
I really enjoy working at Metergram because I am appreciated for who I am, there is always support and we have the freedom to be creative and express our ideas.
Ivana Stefanovska
Software Engineer
Ivana Stefanovska
Working on multiple interesting projects challenges me every day and helps me improve my skills and learn new things.
Branche Veljanoski
Software Engineer
Branche Veljanoski
I enjoy the exciting projects, awesome teams, great environment and continuous improvement.
Ivan Dimov
SCRUM Master
Ivan Dimov
Projects are interesting, our clients are really cool, and I have friendly, helpful colleagues. All of this combined makes it a joy to work in Metergram.
Eleonora Gigoska
SCRUM Master
Eleonora Gigoska
Our benefits

Discover the perks of joining our team

Competitive Compensation and Benefits

Receive a competitive salary and a comprehensive benefits package that includes private health insurance, and performance-based increases.

Continuous Learning and Career Growth

Improve skills with sponsored courses and seminars. Use employee referral program to boost career and contribute to company success.

Exciting and Innovative Projects

Join a dynamic team of experts who work on exciting and innovative projects using state-of-the-art technology.

Supportive Work Culture

Experience a supportive work environment that encourages open communication, teamwork, and a strong sense of community through weekly virtual meetings and team-building events.

Flexibility and Work-Life Balance

Maintain a healthy work-life balance by choosing to work remotely or from our Skopje office, and enjoy flexible work arrangements that suit your personal responsibilities.

Fun and Social Atmosphere

Join our friendly and social workplace where you can attend our office parties, meet and greets, and after-work socials while building lasting relationships with your team members.

Impactful Work

Contribute to meaningful and impactful projects that make a difference in the lives of our clients and end-users.

Collaborative Culture

Work with a team that values collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and mutual respect while promoting a culture of creativity and innovation.

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Metergram Internship is designed to give you access to experienced developers and IT professionals, who will provide guidance, mentorship and knowledge to aid in your personal and professional growth.

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