A Glimpse Inside Metergram's Internship Program: Intern feedback

Metergram had the honor to help guide five interns in their studies during 2022. All of them have since earned permanent positions within the company. We had a chat with them about what it was like to work for Metergram and how they experienced the internship.
A Glimpse Inside Metergram's Internship Program: Intern feedback

Please tell us a bit more about what you are studying.

Nikola Jankov:

I’m Nikola Jankov, student at the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering - at the end of my studies. This was the perfect time to start focusing on developing my professional skills, improve my theoretical knowledge and apply it practically.

Tanja Miloshoska:

I am in my last semester of studies, studying computer engineering at the University of Goce Delchev in Shtip.

Tijana Trojnko, Verica Simevska and Viktorija Matejevik:

We are finishing our bachelor degrees in Computer Science and Engineering at Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje.

You were an intern at Metergram - what does this job entail?

Nikola: Working on a project using the same technologies, tools and methodologies as full-time employees.

Teammates are just as eager to learn and solve problems as you are. Metergram has great mentors who are always there for you to use their experience and knowledge in solving challenges in a way you might not have thought of.

As part of a scrum team, you are constantly communicating with your colleagues, working and collaborating together to learn and ultimately deliver a great solution.

Tanja: Yes, it was great to learn about new technologies and apply that newly gained knowledge on real life projects and tasks. You also have to be prepared to work in a team and bring good energy.

Tijana: Learning new things every day and implementing them in creative ways!

Verica: It was awesome to work on a real project which was built by all the interns together working as a team.

Viktorija: The internship at Metergram lasted three months and was a great start for a career in the tech industry. The first month mostly involved learning, followed by a golden opportunity to participate in the entire process of developing a software product - planning, implementing, testing and deployment.

Metergram works according to the agile methodology which includes daily meetings with the team and giving updates on your work. We invested time into learning/implementing things that make us faster and more productive, and also focused on code quality as a very important aspect of programming.

How would you describe our company culture?

Tanja: I would describe Metergram as a very positive workspace, where you are inspired by all the people who work here. It is a healthy and productive work environment.

Nikola: The company follows a flat organizational structure and is very transparent, so communication with any person is very open and encouraged, no matter what their position in the company is.

Teams are agile, highly adaptive and are always trying out different problem-solving approaches to deliver the best possible product. We prioritize work-life balance. The job offers remote work opportunities and flexible scheduling. Anyone can tailor the role to fit their life outside of the office. And of course, the best part - there are frequent team building events where you get to hang out with the cool people at Metergram.

Verica: Metergram is a flexible, supportive and inclusive company where every employee feels welcome, no matter their personal or professional backgrounds.

Viktorija: Apart from the highly collaborative culture mentioned by the other interns, Metergram is very focused on innovation and risk-taking. Thanks to this approach, there is greater potential for growth and breakthroughs.

Which project(s) did you find the most exciting?

Verica: All of us interns had the opportunity to work together on the ‘Book a desk’ project, which we enjoyed very much. We had to build a fully-fledged application for all Metergram employees that would enable them to book a desk in the office. I think that this project was a big breakthrough for all of us because we all learned how to build a fully functional application from the ground up.

Nikola: Yeah - that was so much fun! And from what I had the chance to see, there are a lot of different projects in development at Metergram, most interesting of which are the ones in the E-Mobility sector.

If you could go back and change anything, what would it be?

Tanja: If I could go back and change anything, I would write better commit messages. But in terms of the internship, I would say that it exceeded my expectations, and it can only get better from here.

Nikola: I would try to be more patient about learning everything all at once and trust the gradual learning process more.

Tijana: The internship program had a steep learning curve, but I believe it really helped me become a better engineer in the end. I wouldn’t change anything!

Verica: If I could go back I will go and work from the office more often and I will spend more time with other employees.

Viktorija: I would like to experience working with a team in an office environment.

What is the most important thing/skill that you learned during your internship?

Nikola: Over the course of the program, I have gained a lot of technical knowledge and experience that will be great assets to my future professional career. However, the most important things I have had the chance to improve at are my soft skills. I have come to really appreciate the importance of good communication, collaboration and being open to new ideas and different perspectives, from experienced developers, mentors and other interns alike.

Tijana: I learned a lot more about the software development life cycle throughout the three months I’ve been interning at Metergram. I feel like I’ve improved tremendously in a technical sense, but also gained irreplaceable collaborative skills.

Verica: Time management skills and learning how to prioritize work to be more efficient.

Viktorija: How to write good code – one of the most important skills that I learned was how to write simple, elegant solutions, so they can be easily understood by other programmers.

Metergram is more than excited to welcome the interns to their new positions! We hope you continue to grow and advance your skills. Enjoy the journey!

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