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Roaming and interoperability in the Scandinavian electric vehicle industry

MER SE runs Sweden's largest public charging network for electric vehicles. They also assist individual consumers and EV fleets with installations and products in charging. Electric vehicle charging is a young and fast-moving industry, with MER highly involved in building the infrastructure for a new, eco-friendly future in transportation. There is a constant demand for new services, protocols, and flexibility to adjust business models as soon as new policies or competitors come to play. As a market leader, MER SE has had to develop many solutions on its own in the past couple of years. The challenge is to not only build robust software, but to also constantly transform the platforms and build new solutions.


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What Others Say About Us


Our business has a lot of complex processes, requiring multiple vendors to work together. Metergram is a great and reliable partner. They help us to coordinate with our other vendors and maintain high growth without ever sacrificing the quality of our services.


Martin Karlsson

Bee Charging Solutions AB


Working with Metergram has enabled us to launch new products while freeing up time for our internal teams to focus on our core business. They really went the extra mile during the onboarding and made very sure they understand our technical setup and the way we work.


David Drottson

Hero Gaming Sweden AB


Metergram took the time to fully understand our vision and craft it into an effective solution. Their team excels on all levels – strategic thinking, technical skills, and it is also just great to work with them. For us, Metergram really made all the difference in speeding up both product design and delivery.


Cent Gustafsson

Digital Trace International AB