Trace: Unifying complex systems as a trusted technology partner

Trace is a Swedish company that’s tackling the challenges of planning, traceability, and responsibility in the construction industry using advances in distributed ledger technology (DLT).
Trace: Unifying complex systems as a trusted technology partner
Metergram took the time to fully understand our vision and craft it into an effective solution. Their team excels on all levels – strategic thinking, technical skills, and it is also just great to work with them.
Cent Gustafsson


For several years, Trace has been in an innovation phase, building prototypes and testing technologies and suppliers. In 2020, they decided it was time to act on their insights.

Trace needed a technology partner that could work with the several applications that were already in production, develop a new system, and create a plan that would unite all systems.


As their primary technology partner, our overarching goal was to run a collaborative guided process that would support Trace in narrowing down the details of their new system

How we did it?
How we did it?
Evaluation of frameworks, cloud providers and technology stacks
Creation of criterion matrix mapping technology choices against scalability, data portability and modularity
Prototyping with Kubernetes, microservice models, message queue systems and database engines



Together with our client, we decided on a serverless architecture in AWS that provides excellent support for all the most important criteria on the matrix.

We’re now building a multi-tenant SaaS platform where all micro-applications can be run separately but also gather seamlessly in a common interface.

Thanks to this solid technical foundation, Trace has been able to test prototypes for UX and UI. With the architecture ready and a technical roadmap for 2021/2022, Trace finally has a clear picture of the unification of all systems.

Trace: Unifying complex systems as a trusted technology partner
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