Explore the Metergram Internship

Metergram is proud to present an exciting and challenging paid internship program for aspiring backend developers. This opportunity is perfect for those who are looking to gain valuable experience and grow their skills, as our mentors go above and beyond to provide a rewarding learning experience. We ensure that our interns have access to the best resources to support their growth effectively.
Explore the Metergram Internship

This year, our internship program will run from June 1st to August 31st, and we are already gearing up to interview our first batch of candidates. We are also excited to meet potential candidates at the Kontakt job fair, which will take place from April 24th to April 27th.

Our internship program offers two distinct tracks for interns to choose from: one focused on .NET and Azure, and the other focused on Node.js (JavaScript/TypeScript) and AWS. We are looking for highly motivated interns with a strong interest in .NET or Node.js development. As an intern, you will have the opportunity to work closely with our experienced developers, gaining hands-on experience in developing applications using cutting-edge technologies such as C# and JavaScript/TypeScript.

If you are interested in applying for our internship program or know someone who might be a good fit, here is some additional information about what we offer and the qualities we are looking for in potential interns.

You’ll fit right in if you…

  • Got good vibes
  • Like working with nice people
  • Never get tired of learning
  • Love a good challenge
  • Are passionate about programming

Preferred Qualifications

  • Good understanding of the general concepts of object-oriented and functional programming
  • Good understanding of relational databases and operating systems
  • Demonstrated ability to do analytical problem solving, showing knowledge of the most popular data structures and algorithms
  • Understanding of all the phases of the software development cycle (SDLC)
  • Preferably near the end of the studies ( 4th year)
  • Bonus skills:
  • JavaScript, TypeScript, SQL, REST APIs, AWS
  • C#, .NET, SQL, REST APIs, Azure

You will learn about…

  • How to apply the best practices in software development
  • Building modular, loosely coupled Web applications and services
  • The most important design patterns and principles for building modern Web services
  • Working with modern technologies like C#, .NET Core, Node.js, Express.js, Javascript, Typescript, Serverless framework, Terraform
  • Asynchronous programming
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS Lambda, AWS DynamoDB, AWS RDS, AWS API Gateway, AWS Secrets Manager)
  • Azure (Azure App Service; Azure Sql Database, Azure Application Insights, Azure Key vault)
  • Continuous integration and delivery using CI/CD pipelines
  • Debugging and testing
  • Source control (Git)
  • How to work in a team and communicate on a daily basis using the Scrum and Agile methodology

You will work on…

  • Specific tasks provided by your mentor who will guide you through the whole process
  • Writing integration and unit tests using xUnit or Jest
  • Real-world applications using modern Web technologies with an emphasis on Node.js/C# with AWS/Azure

You can expect…

  • To become part of a fast-growing company and an amazing team of professionals
  • To experience a company culture that respects diversity, individuality and equality
  • To participate in various projects learning to work on state-of-the-art technologies
  • To gain knowledge, guidance and mentorship from experienced developers and excellent IT professionals
  • To be guided and mentored through the process
  • To learn about effective communication and collaboration with team members and clients

You will get…

  • 400 EUR gross per month
  • Flexible work hours during the week, weekends off
  • Possibility to work remotely, hybrid or in an office 
  • Great office location in the city center and a comfortable work environment
  • Excellent possibility for  employment after the end of the program

If you're curious about what our previous interns have to say about their experience with our internship program, be sure to read their interviews on our website. https://metergram.com/articles/what-our-interns-think-of-metergrams-internship-program. Their feedback will provide you with valuable insights into the real-world learning and development opportunities that await you at Metergram.

We are eager to hear from talented candidates who are interested in joining our team. To apply for this exciting internship opportunity, please submit your CV to jobs@metergram.com. 

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