Volkswagen Releasing New Electric Car Costing Less Than 25,000 Euros

Volkswagen recently announced the world premiere of the ID. 2all concept is a brand new electric car that will set drivers back less than 25,000 euros.
Volkswagen Releasing New Electric Car Costing Less Than 25,000 Euros

According to Thomas Schäfer, CEO of Volkswagen Passenger Cars, the ID. 2all is an indication of where they want to take the brand. He also stated that Volkswagen is working hard on bringing electric mobility to the masses as quickly as possible. 

Imelda Labbé, Member of the Brand Board of Management responsible for Sales, Marketing, and Aftersales, added that Volkswagen is transferring its typical values of top-quality workmanship, outstanding software, and digital services with genuine added value to the new world of mobility. Kai Grünitz, a Member of the Brand Board of Management responsible for Technical Development, added further insights about the ID. 2all. Kai emphasized that the ID. 2all will be the first modular electric drive (MEB) vehicle with front-wheel drive. This will allow it to set new standards in terms of technology and everyday usability. Volkswagen also ensured the car would be equipped with efficient drive, battery, and charging technology. According to their calculations, the WLTP range of the 166 kW/226 PS electric drive motor is up to 450 kilometers. 

Volkswagen ID. 2all (photo taken from the official website:

Andreas Mindt, Head of Design at Volkswagen Passenger Cars, elaborated on the design aspects of the ID. 2all, stating that the car gives a preview of the new design language at the company. According to Andreas, these are stability, likeability, and excitement. The ID. 2all is also the first Volkswagen with a new interpretation of the signature C-pillar design developed for the first Golf. The goal was to design a car that has a “body with a clear and powerful stance on the wheels, friendly face, a good portion of dynamics, and timeless elegance.” This attention to detail also extends to the interior design, which is spacious, has a high-quality appearance, and has a self-explanatory infotainment system. 

While the ID. 2all is a concept car and not available for sale Volkswagen has stated that the production version will already be presented in 2025 and be as spacious as a Gold while remaining as inexpensive as a Polo. For more technical data on the ID. 2all visit the official Volkswagen website ( 

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