Complete platform overhaul without a hitch in UX or organic search rankings

Manybooks is an online library which hosts more than 50,000 free ebooks and serves up to one million visitors per month.
Complete platform overhaul without a hitch in UX or organic search rankings
Thanks to Metergram, our platform can now scale globally. We have more than doubled our visitors since the launch. Every project we’ve done together has been cost-efficient and seamless. Their team fully adapted to how we work, so it was truly plug-and-play.
Lisa Clifford


After a few years, the platform was experiencing significant issues with scalability, security, and maintainability, as well as time consuming manual admin for the ads and newsletter. The leadership  wanted a comprehensive plan to address problems with the web-site, newsletter, and a large development backlog.


We provided seamless augmentation of the internal team and adapted to existing ways of working. We determined that to build  a scalable, user-friendly site, we’d need a complete overhaul of the technical platform. The challenge was building a solution that  would create a seamless process for users and maintain organic SEO ranking.

How we did it?
How we did it?
Streamlined user roles and permissions management with Drupal 8 as the new website CMS
Built a new file server to manage the ebook library and all the publisher integrations
Increased personalization so users would be served books that matched their preferences



Manybooks went from a beloved but troubled side project to a powerhouse resource for booklovers. Here are some of the results:

  • Jump in subscribers thanks to the integrated newsletter and  website sign up
  • Preserved all existing search engine rankings and organic traffic while successfully migrating all metadata and URLs
  • Significant growth in traffic with the website reaching one million monthly visitors in 2020
  • Growth in user base – the site now serves more than 700,000  users
Complete platform overhaul without a hitch in UX or organic search rankings
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